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More thangs.

Whoops, meant to reply to your post so much earlier. Sorry!
Anyway, more what ifs:

1. What if you left Singapore when you were young and came back when Singapore became all modern, and wanted to recreate that old, dingey feeling all the damn time?

2. What if, despite everyone's pressure to become a couple, two close friends decide to stay that way?

3. What if you were a kid, and started believing your dad was... secret aaagent man?

4. What if there was this rock band trying to make it locally, and they had no idea how much they sucked, but just kept rockin' on anyway?

Heh, not very good though. Like I said, ideas these days are trite... and half the time I think of something then forget it because I don't write it down. Damn this short attention span of mine.

Some conversation nuggets (if memory serves me right)

At Dhoby Ghaut, walking to PS from the underground

J: I love travelators.
D: They're kinda stupid. Tiny people all crammed up on a machine that moves you forwards, when it'd be faster to walk.
J: Travelators are cool. They're my favourite part of the airport. I love the airport. There are so many things I love about the airport.
D: Yeah especially the part where you GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY.
J: Oh I love that part.
D: And cheap alcohol.
J: That too.

In the elevator...

J: You should make a film about the bird flu.
D: Whuh?
J: You know, the chickens are fighting back! They're spreading a disease to get back at us for years and years of eating them. Like Chicken Run.
D: Yeah, I could call it Chicken Running Nose!
J: ...
D: Chicken Running Nose!
J: ...


Waiting at the AXS station:

D: Please don't be buying Lost in Translation. Please don't be buying Lost in Translation.
J: There are 10 people staring at the tiny screen. Why would you need 10 people to stand there?
D: Must be some IRC channel outing.
J: I think they're buying Gothika.
D: Must be some IRC channel outing.


J: Hey, why are these people buying tickets for another theater from here? If they want to watch at Bishan shouldn't they BUY it at Bishan?
D: It's an AXS station. Maybe PS ticks all sold out.


J: Shit, all the tickets are sold out.
D: Damn those kids and their 10 hours deciding whether they wanted to watch Gothika
J: Wait, where's Simon?
D: He's at the arcade. I think he got too bored he went to go watch people play Dance Dance Revolution.

Needless to say the spontaneous attempt to watch LiT failed... but I think should be trying to watch it this weekend... join me and farah and her bunch?
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