shinobi shroom (teleutestar) wrote in think_ink,
shinobi shroom

Chair and Hero Bear

An idea. based on personal experience...

My mom has been laid off, we actually knew about this for quite awhile already, as in they told her months ago the local operation of her bank would be shutting down. Guess what, the boss decided to give the office furniture away for free, and my mom ended up taking lots... 4 tables and 8 chairs and other thingamajiggies. I'm still so amused by it, they delivered the furniture this morning (typing this while being surrounded by furniture).

No offence to me mams, but I just thought she made a typical caricature... Fire me will you?! I'll take your furniture!

Hero Bear
Meanwhile, I saw this comic in Kino called Hero Bear and the Kid, which was so adorable - I haven't bought it yet, but according to the synop it's about a child who inherits a stuffed polar bear from his dead grandaddy and imagines the bear to be a superhero, and they go around having adventures together... shades of Calvin and Hobbes, but seems just as charming. Suddenly, the idea of hearking back to childhood innocence and growing up is kind of becoming appealing...

Just my $0.02...
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