Update2: August Schedule/Research

August: Things to do
Just to keep us on track, we should have a storyline by the end of month and research is ongoing. Let’s try to do some legwork whenever to get things rolling?

1.Go visit some of these walk up flats. Get a feel of the area (Newton area, tiong bahru?)
2.Find people who LIVE in these walk up flats</b> (how does the area look like, letterboxes, rubbish chutes, what’s the demographic like)
3.Talk to real estate companies to get overview of en bloc process
4.Get a feel for ‘sales’ talk-RE agents, house-to-house, counter, showroom, etc etc
5.Talk and observe more people and quirks?


Contacts for Real Estate- General
1. Edmund Tai managing director
2. Francis Lim, ex en-bloc director for Knight Frank

Contacts for house agents- observation of sales technics
1. Orientations
2. others?

Contacts for sales personnel
1. others?
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(no subject)

Heyhey! Anyhows, had a strange surge of interest when I caught the trailer for a new series that'll be screening called nip/tuck

some bizarre plastic surgery business meets murder He wrote.

drydrydry on ideas. brain fried, when will u be back from oz after PI? I want to register online and have something in concrete before i go off for hols as well :)

take care dear.

Chair and Hero Bear

An idea. based on personal experience...

My mom has been laid off, we actually knew about this for quite awhile already, as in they told her months ago the local operation of her bank would be shutting down. Guess what, the boss decided to give the office furniture away for free, and my mom ended up taking lots... 4 tables and 8 chairs and other thingamajiggies. I'm still so amused by it, they delivered the furniture this morning (typing this while being surrounded by furniture).

No offence to me mams, but I just thought she made a typical caricature... Fire me will you?! I'll take your furniture!

Hero Bear
Meanwhile, I saw this comic in Kino called Hero Bear and the Kid, which was so adorable - I haven't bought it yet, but according to the synop it's about a child who inherits a stuffed polar bear from his dead grandaddy and imagines the bear to be a superhero, and they go around having adventures together... shades of Calvin and Hobbes, but seems just as charming. Suddenly, the idea of hearking back to childhood innocence and growing up is kind of becoming appealing...

Just my $0.02...

More thangs.

Whoops, meant to reply to your post so much earlier. Sorry!
Anyway, more what ifs:

1. What if you left Singapore when you were young and came back when Singapore became all modern, and wanted to recreate that old, dingey feeling all the damn time?

2. What if, despite everyone's pressure to become a couple, two close friends decide to stay that way?

3. What if you were a kid, and started believing your dad was... secret aaagent man?

4. What if there was this rock band trying to make it locally, and they had no idea how much they sucked, but just kept rockin' on anyway?

Heh, not very good though. Like I said, ideas these days are trite... and half the time I think of something then forget it because I don't write it down. Damn this short attention span of mine.

Some conversation nuggets (if memory serves me right)Collapse )

Needless to say the spontaneous attempt to watch LiT failed... but I think should be trying to watch it this weekend... join me and farah and her bunch?
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(no subject)

Quick scribble! I watched dogville on saturday, it's a damn heavy show that sagged at times, but what tremendous acting, and what a perfect study of greed and all aspects of human behaviour. Incredible. I left the cinema with a heart that was heavy.

A couple of 'what ifs' for today (I stole this off The Majestic which I just watched on dvd- abit ho hum, but funny cos it's about a scriptwriter who loses his memory)

1. What if: You were given a large packet of money to commit a crime/blackmail someone, but you can't find the guts to do it? OR

2. What if you stayed in a hdb block and suddenly all the phone lines crossed, and you start hearing all about people's lives. What if something was said concerning you? What if you could change the course of events (ok this shd be broken down into three separate Ifs)

3. What if a son wanted a christmas tree and his father decides to steal one? (aha hilarious, I saw something similar on hbo a few days ago)

I'll think of more..
add on the previous suggestions you had to the What-If list? Might help when we go thru the possibilites/possible interests in any of the what ifs. :)

The weekend is ending, I can feel the workweek drawing near. Aye.

Before I scoot off for werk...

From Neil Gaiman's blog, on storytelling:

"Tell a story you care about about people you care about, and make the reader care what happens to the people in the story. Let your message come second to your story. And when you're done, have a friend who's good at spelling and grammar and things like that proof-read it for you."

It applies for us, I guess, in creating characters people will care about, and want to know what happens to them next. I suppose it's one thing creating a character that is visually interesting or, on the surface, seems to be complex - but it's more difficult creating characters we want to follow on a journey.

Totally agree with Know Thyself and Thy Hangups (although it sort of sounds like the Ally McBeal mantra), and It's about me, but never, only just about me. The key is in creating characters that either feel like you, or someone you know, I think.

Yup, let's keep to the schedule! Are there any DVDs you'd like to watch and haven't, or any DVDs to recommend and watch together?
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Deeply felt, highly specific

Shall we keep to the schedule we've set? Let's post anything that we chance upon. Ok I know I said I was zonked, but on my way back, I heard a handphone ringing from a dumpster but I walked away.

Just a thought: What would have happened if I picked it up?

Remember the scriptwriting text aquilia had for our module? chanced upon the same series called Crafting Screenplays That Connect (not that i have time to read it, it was just, lying around in the office and I uh, borrowed it home..)

The chapter was on connecting screenplays to self, and two lines lines caught my eye, one says:
Know thyself, and thy hangups.

and the other:
It's about me, but never, only just about me.

And just for inspiration purposes: "The first draft of anything, is shit"
- Hemingway

Dayymn I'm such a NERD :D

till tomorrow.
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The first post... ever!

Well, it's up. Now we can post anything we like, of sorts. Hehehe!

First order of biz, just recapping today's meeting on things to do:
1. Once a week meetings
2. Reduce movie plots to a simple one line
3. One to one and a half months to get out the idea
4. Write down good lines from scripts, or from everyday conversation
5. Observe, observe, observe
6. Research, research, research
7. Note down good editing styles, visual styles
8. Anything goes!

Now for something completely different.

Not sure if it's because I'm half concussed, today when getting off my bus, I noticed a whole gaggle of elderly ladies squeezing to get on a bus, which kind of made me laugh because I just wondered what would happen if there was some young guy squashed between all those women. Which reminded me of this cool anime I used to watch, about a boy who grows up in a family of women and is surprisingly well-adjusted. Heh. Possible plot there maybe.

Another tried and tested plot - some person laments that he wants change, but when change finally comes he doesn't know how to deal with it.

Other ideas (per today's conversation with co-workers)
People and funny names - today we were talking about how some Chinese parents have the most horrible names for their children. Some true to life names (and considerations)

1. Marina Bay / Nina Bay / Anna Bay (failed options of someone with the surname Bay trying to name his daughter)

2. Gay Benny (as in the guy's name was Benny, and surname was Gay. He had this stitched on his army uniform. Poor, poor, person)

3. Hercules Wong Fei Hong (friend of friend's poor son is really named this)

4. Purance Tan. Apparently, Purance is a first name. Who knew?

Don't know, but that could be an idea as well. Name our main character something really tragic. Heh. Cheap laugh, but good.

Rambling! Okay, shall stop. Our moderators are never going to understand the psychobabble. Heh.
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