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Before I scoot off for werk...

From Neil Gaiman's blog, on storytelling:

"Tell a story you care about about people you care about, and make the reader care what happens to the people in the story. Let your message come second to your story. And when you're done, have a friend who's good at spelling and grammar and things like that proof-read it for you."

It applies for us, I guess, in creating characters people will care about, and want to know what happens to them next. I suppose it's one thing creating a character that is visually interesting or, on the surface, seems to be complex - but it's more difficult creating characters we want to follow on a journey.

Totally agree with Know Thyself and Thy Hangups (although it sort of sounds like the Ally McBeal mantra), and It's about me, but never, only just about me. The key is in creating characters that either feel like you, or someone you know, I think.

Yup, let's keep to the schedule! Are there any DVDs you'd like to watch and haven't, or any DVDs to recommend and watch together?
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I'm having a rough spot. will post at werrrrk tomorrow! check back :)

Meanwhile: what if I had picked up the phone is still bugging me, as in seriously. I dreamt last night that I went back to hunt for it, and I couldn't find it. And hence a wild goose chase around that friggin' phone. And cos i went to bed with the name PRUDENCE stuck in my head after reading your post, in my dream I kept looking for prudence.

But of course, that was a dream. Woke up very..puzzled :D
I just read your other post... So sorry. Take care. In any case, don't rush yourself if it's not a good time... the idea of the community was just to post at will anyway. Wait for the weekend when things are calmer?


Hey you know, you might have something there with the dumpster phone... A rogue phone that appears and disappears could be something to work on. What if curiosity doesn't ever get the better of you, until the absolute WRONG moment?

And I get weird dreams all the time too! I wonder if they'd make good plots. haha!