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The first post... ever!

Well, it's up. Now we can post anything we like, of sorts. Hehehe!

First order of biz, just recapping today's meeting on things to do:
1. Once a week meetings
2. Reduce movie plots to a simple one line
3. One to one and a half months to get out the idea
4. Write down good lines from scripts, or from everyday conversation
5. Observe, observe, observe
6. Research, research, research
7. Note down good editing styles, visual styles
8. Anything goes!

Now for something completely different.

Not sure if it's because I'm half concussed, today when getting off my bus, I noticed a whole gaggle of elderly ladies squeezing to get on a bus, which kind of made me laugh because I just wondered what would happen if there was some young guy squashed between all those women. Which reminded me of this cool anime I used to watch, about a boy who grows up in a family of women and is surprisingly well-adjusted. Heh. Possible plot there maybe.

Another tried and tested plot - some person laments that he wants change, but when change finally comes he doesn't know how to deal with it.

Other ideas (per today's conversation with co-workers)
People and funny names - today we were talking about how some Chinese parents have the most horrible names for their children. Some true to life names (and considerations)

1. Marina Bay / Nina Bay / Anna Bay (failed options of someone with the surname Bay trying to name his daughter)

2. Gay Benny (as in the guy's name was Benny, and surname was Gay. He had this stitched on his army uniform. Poor, poor, person)

3. Hercules Wong Fei Hong (friend of friend's poor son is really named this)

4. Purance Tan. Apparently, Purance is a first name. Who knew?

Don't know, but that could be an idea as well. Name our main character something really tragic. Heh. Cheap laugh, but good.

Rambling! Okay, shall stop. Our moderators are never going to understand the psychobabble. Heh.
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Danke! nice icon :) Tales from the script! exclamation marks!

I'm too zonked to read the post properly so I'll blabber tmrw my ideas tomorrow.
yeah, i wanted that as username but it was too long.