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Deeply felt, highly specific

Shall we keep to the schedule we've set? Let's post anything that we chance upon. Ok I know I said I was zonked, but on my way back, I heard a handphone ringing from a dumpster but I walked away.

Just a thought: What would have happened if I picked it up?

Remember the scriptwriting text aquilia had for our module? chanced upon the same series called Crafting Screenplays That Connect (not that i have time to read it, it was just, lying around in the office and I uh, borrowed it home..)

The chapter was on connecting screenplays to self, and two lines lines caught my eye, one says:
Know thyself, and thy hangups.

and the other:
It's about me, but never, only just about me.

And just for inspiration purposes: "The first draft of anything, is shit"
- Hemingway

Dayymn I'm such a NERD :D

till tomorrow.
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